Great awareness: Brittany and Burton's!

Zoe is anaphylactic to dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts. Finding a place to go out to eat is a struggle for us.  We have a hard time  finding restaurants that create a safe environment for Zoe to eat.    We have been to many places and have learned that you can not be too diligent when it comes to safety surrounding allergies.  One of our safe places is Burton's Grill.  They are amazing with their awareness regarding allergies.  The staff goes out of their way to make sure that we are comfortable and take her allergies seriously.  The manager brings out all food for anyone with allergies to make sure the meal is going to the right person and to create a sense of safety.  It is awesome! I wanted to highlight our last trip there and the great follow up we received.

First, when we got to the restaurant the waitress had remembered Zoe from a previous trip there with her Bammy.  She remembered her allergies and was incredibly nice, which in turn made me feel at ease.  We ordered her regular dinner: fries, salmon, apple sauce and carrots combo and waited for it to arrive. Bammy and Zoe's dishes arrived first.  I had ordered off the new Paleo selection and mine was next.  On the way over,  Brittany noticed almonds on the dish and immediately alerted me to this since it was not listed on the original menu.  We sent the dish back and discussed the severity of this flaw with the menu.  It was an incredibly dangerous mistake.  Brittany went back to the kitchen immediately to alert the chefs.  Chef Fried, one of the corporate chefs, happened to be in the restaurant that day.  He came over to discuss the menu and the issue at hand.  He apologized and made a point of letting me know he was going to be sending out an alert to all the members of the Burton's  staff to the almonds in this new menu item. He was incredibly kind, generous and apologetic.  He made us feel we were not a burden to the restaurant but an asset to help them become an even safer space.

I just wanted to give Burton's kudos for being a budget friendly, allergy aware, family friendly envorimment where my Zoe can just feel like a kid and not feel scared.  Going out to eat terrifies her.  She has had experiences in the past where she has had a simple reaction needing Benadryl to a large scale reaction needing an Epi-Pen and an ambulance.  I am just glad we have somewhere so close to home that takes this stress out of my mind as well. 

As parents of allergy kids, we fear every day.  When I find a place that really seems to care I want to shout it from the rooftops and SHARE!

Well done Burton's...and well done Brittany. You're awesome!

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