Sweet start!

School has begun and I have decided to launch this new blog with my daughter to create awareness around severe food allergies.  I am a bit of a perfectionist, borderline obsessed with timing and having a good "feeling" about what I contribute and do.  I have been struggling with the first post for this blog because I wanted to set a tone for what we want to express.  I have a few of things in the wings but I have been waiting for this....

Liam is in class with Zoe. I received this message from Liam's mom on Facebook.  

"Good morning Jenn! I was just asking Liam what he liked best, least etc. in his lunches this week while making my grocery list. His feedback was that he didn't want to have any dairy in his lunch. I asked him why and he said "my friend Zoe is allergic to dairy and I want her to be able to sit next to me at lunch and be safe" I can't tell you how much I love that they are learning to be so aware of their friends and the needs/safety of their friends from such a young age.  Zoe is clearly a special friend in Liam's eyes. <3"

Cue tears, happiness, and relief.  It is the scariest thing to send a child off to a school with severe food allergies.  It makes my heart glow that friends are thinking about her and creating inclusion and not exclusion.  THIS is exactly why I wanted to do this with Zoe.  Awareness creates safety and security for everyone.  Hopefully, more parents will learn from their kids about creating this type of environment.

Stay safe and have fun!  Jenn and Zoe